West wall tile

Tile on the west wall was completed today (with the exception of around the doorways) and the south wall was grouted.  Some of the ceiling grid was also installed as well.  Tile work is moving right along!

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Wall tile

Installation of the wall tile has begun!  The south wall is coming along nicely.  This is a plain white glazed ceramic subway tile.  

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Floor tile day 1

Justin Steffl & crew came yesterday afternoon and started laying the porcelain tile in the kitchen.  This particular tile has a weathered wood grain look.  The walls will be covered with white “subway” tile.  Feder Mechanical and Sleepy Eye Electric were also here to get the new air conditioning unit for the kitchen going.

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Porcelain tile underlayment

A crew of two guys from Starry Night Woodworking are here today putting down the tile mat in preparation to lay the floor tile in the kitchen.  This mat will allow the concrete floor under the tile to move independently of the tile, thus preventing any cracking that might otherwise occur if the tile was […]

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Steam heat

After many years without it, the kitchen finally has steam heat again.  The original ceiling radiator that served the room was removed when the first ventilation hood was installed over the ranges.  The plumbers got the new steam coil plumbed on Thursday.  It will be used in connection with the blower in the A/C unit. […]

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